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Part Two II Cracking Open Old Wounds


[Red kept his eyes on his own hands, moving them up slowly to watch the fur slowly seep through his fingers.]

And by slacker, I hope you mean ‘busy.’ Sorry, but I don’t just casually hike fifteen miles a day anymore.


[The reply almost made the man want to smile. The corner of his mouth twitched just a little, but thats all it did before relaxing again. It was incredible how much a simple facial expression was so hard to do. He remembered everytime he would try to hide it he’d pull his lips back and bite at the bump of his inner cheek, often making the skin raw from how much he cut open the skin. He wasn’t trying to hide it from him this time, in fact he wanted to. Obviously it has been such a long time that he’s seen him, but double that they’ve been able to bicker and joke to one another. He just felt bad he still couldn’t for a small moment like this.]

[He could only hope that his friend didn’t mind any of this yet. There was too much to explain, but what was at hand right now must come first.]

[Red stopped fluffing up Arcanine’s fur and trialed Green as the male took the egg and sat with it in his lap. His eyes were fixated on it, watching the egg indeed violently shake as it was nearly about to hatch.]

[This was the day he anticipated for and finally for his recurring dream to come to an end.]

[He turned, but sat comfortably in the spot he’s in. He decided looking afar was probably for the best since he wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he was going to get, or even going to try to take away the egg as quickly as possible before he gets a chance to see anything. These several minutes were going to be long, a hand involuntarily clutching at his chest as his heart began to race.]

[When he opened his eyes when the bright lights passed, he blinked a few times to see the light brown Rattata that now sat upon Green’s lap. The small Pokemon wasn’t at all a surprise to him, but the coloring was. Shiny colorings were completely by chance, a hard to come by chance, so seeing it like this was really strange.]

[He doesn’t have a Rattata of his own so he wasn’t intentionally breeding for it, honestly he just picked up this egg from some kid off the road that didn’t know what to do with it. The Rattata was for a reason, just… It’s odd that the shiny colorings matched those of its evolution.]

[Why its a Rattata? Well Red wanted to give back the Pokemon Green had lost. The battle with Green at Lavender Town in the Pokemon Tower, what he said to him before battle was unsettling, plus the fact that his Raticate was not in his party when he remembers it was there during their previous battle at the S.S. Anne. Adding it all up to why Green was even in the tower in the first place, it could have only meant that Raticate was dead.]

[Red carried some of the blame to it, plus he thought it would’ve been a nice idea after so many years to start over with a new Rattata. But looking back to Green again to see his reaction, his stomach churned.]

That’s what this has always been about, hasn’t it?!


[All Red could process was that Green was angry and yelling at him. He was confused at what for..]

[What did he think this was about? What was Red’s plan? He was never there for Green? He was… mocking him?]



[He stood up and slowly stepped towards him.]

[What had gotten into him? Red had guessed he would be upset in one of the scenarios he played out in his head, but what was he even thinking? Sure Red left for a long while, but there was never a day where he didn’t think about his friends, especially Green. He cared about his best friend, wondering everyday if he was okay. Was he eating and sleeping well? He even heard about him becoming the Gym Leader and wondered if he was enjoying that. There was so many things he took away from him so that’s why he wanted to stay away. But to still say he was never there stung. Should he had stayed? Did him leaving only cause more problems?]

[If any of that, this should have been enough to maybe fix any of it. He wanted to give back one of the things he took away, not mock him.]

[Red was so confused.]

[A hand hesitated for a moment during the silence, but he kept it going to finally grip gently at his shoulder.]

…Are you okay?

[He knew he wasn’t, but it was the first question he could think of to ask.]

What… What are you talking about? This isn’t a joke.

[This was probably the first expression he has shown to anyone in awhile. His eyes were furrowed and his eyes actually looked straight into Green’s eyes with concern.]

Did I do something wrong?

It was amazing how just Red’s simple touch could bring Green reeling back to full consciousness— only because of how inciting his feel was. It filled him was a pitiful sort of disgust, which caused him to revolt immediately, smacking the man’s arm away before it had a chance to linger for very long. He did not meet Red’s gaze. His eyes looked nowhere in particular, but his head hung slightly, leaving them to fall on his lap.


“No— no, I’m not okay,” he hissed, voice low between rough, irregular exhales. He remained this way, silent aside from his heavy breathing. But, the longer he sat, the more rapid his his breaths became. Eventually, their intensity rose to the point that he began to bow over, bringing his head closer to his chest as he clenched at his sides, fixing his arms tightly into his stomach as an attempt to bate this fit he was having… But, it was to no avail. Green’s body trembled for a moment as he tried to contain himself, but he failed, his head shooting back up, eyes clenched, ready for another eruption: 

"Nothing about this is okay!" 


“How stupid do you think I am?! There’s no way you could think this was actually okay! You weren’t even supposed to know to begin with, damn it! You were never supposed to find out! No one was! But, you couldn’t even leave it at that, could you?! The satisfaction of knowing? Knowing that there’s no way I could ever compare to you because of it? No! No… you had to… bring it back to me— in the worst way possible… The one thing I just want to move past… you’re… never gonna let me forget…”

The longer he went, to weaker his voice became. What started as emotive shouting quickly became feeble, falling short until dying off completely as he became unable to speak once again.


Green’s throat ached awfully, strained from from both his outbursts and his suffocating attempts to hold himself back. It was uncertain which option would have actually been better for him, but it was too late for that. There was nothing he could have done, anyways. His eyes began to burn, and he knew that he’d reached his limit. He brought a hand up to his face, covering his eyes in order to hide himself— or perhaps, trying to hide from everything that was going on; trying to hide himself from the world like he did so often, like he’d been doing the day Red came back.

But, there was no hiding from this encounter, and he’d have to face it if he wanted to end it. At some point, he realized he didn’t really care if he cried. It was just weakness leaving the body, yeah? Well, he had plenty of it to shed, and Red has seen enough of it already. It didn’t matter anymore. So, he removed his hand, allowing his childish tears to fall as he looked Red in the face.


“…I always knew you’d use against me. Why wouldn’t you? It just proves what a failure I am, right?” 

Somehow managing to relocate his voice, the man spoke up once again. But, it was weak, lacking the vigor that he possessed just a moment ago. His sounded pitiful. He looked pitiful. He was pitiful. He hated himself for reacting this way. He thought that he could have least made himself look strong, but he should have known he couldn’t, because he’s not. It was just another thing he’d failed to do. And, his losses were really starting to stack against him, now.

“I don’t need a reminder; I don’t need you to tell me, but here you are, anyways, doing just that, yeah? Great. Fantastic. I don’t need it, and I don’t need you.

It was funny, really. At least, somewhere in the back of his mind, Green found it funny. He found himself to be hilarious. Laughable. Pathetic. He did need Red. He’d been the presence— the person— missing from his life for all of this time; a hole that couldn’t be filled by anything or anyone else. Green wasn’t close to many people. There was a select few that Green valued in his life, and that he swore he never wanted to be without… Because those few made him happy. Red was one of those few. Red had made him happy.


"…You were well aware of what you were doing….To purposely bring this the surface— something I’ve done so wrong— and present it to me so like this… The only thing you’ve done is make me miserable.” 



Part Two II Cracking Open Old Wounds


[Pikachu’s ears perked up, them matching to the beat of the sound of the steps walking towards the house. Green was returning home. The rodent hopped on his trainer’s stomach, his paws reaching to poke and stretch at his face.]


[Red was knocked out though, his sleeping pattern was always usually so sporadic, but he’s really been sleeping less. The stress is really building back up again. Ever since he acquired the egg, he’s been having a recurring dream. The dream would play out with Red and Green in the room, the egg set out on the table. The two of them watched the egg shake rapidly until it would finally crack, a bright light bursting afterwards. But that was it.  The dream didn’t continue after that. It wasn’t like a nightmare or anything, but it only made the man more antsy to figure out the end to this (whether he’ll like it or not).]

[The sound of growls really made Pikachu panic, moving up at the arm of the couch to reach Red’s shoulders and shake him. He didn’t wake up in time for when Arcanine jumped in with a snarl, which Pikachu jolted up and waved his arms instantaneously.]



[The commotion seemed to have woken Red up, but there wasn’t any expression of shock. Red patted his cheeks as he belatedly felt that his face was tugged, a hand then moving to cover his mouth as he yawned. He obviously had no interest in the fact that he could have been ripped into shreds if Pikachu hadn’t distracted Arcanine.]

I’m glad you find my couch so comfortable.


[Tired eyes slowly trailed after Green as he walked in front of him. As Green was setting a bag down, his eyes caught interest into it. His automatic thought was food, but the clinking sound left him disappointed.]

So is the whole breaking-and-entering thing just gonna be a frequent occurrence with you?

[Red rubbed his eyes.]


[He answered belatedly, still answering simply and with little words as possible. His speech was getting better though.]

It depends. Will I get a key?

[Red did plan on visiting more frequently, and with Green always being out a lot this really was a good solution to the issue. Well, whether he gets one or not, the door may end up broken again somehow.]

[The bum will pick himself off the couch, walking on over and crouching beside Arcanine. He reached to ruffle the big dogs fur, then playing with his ears for a moment til his eyes catch attention that Arcanine had the egg saddled on his back.]

Still hasn’t hatched yet?

[Red frowns in disappointment. Surely he’d be able to see the hatchling by now.]




A baffled breath was all that Green could draw out in response to that… proposition. A key? Well… that was one way of approaching it, but… The idea made him just a little uncomfortable.

Besides, it wasn’t as if he was homeless, right? Green knew where his old friend had been all these years. He’d heard the rumors. He’s heard just about every supposition involving Red, actually, and while he usually sensibly ignored whatever hearsay his challenges carried or trash the media spit out, he’d heard the tidbit about him being up on that mountain from one of the only young trainers that Green paid any mind to. They’d gone up there and seen him with their own eyes, and then made sure to tell him all about it. Sure, when they came running to him carrying on about how they’d met Red, of course he was shocked, but, after the story they told him, he knew that they weren’t lying. What was even more shocking was that the only reason they were given the opportunity was because his grandfather had granted it to them, allowing them to enter Mt. Silver’s terrain for “a challenge.” Professor Oak had known where Red had gone all along, and he never bothered to tell his grandson. He had to be informed by the trainer that the man had chosen over him, instead. But, as daunting as that story was, it was an issue for another day.

Green didn’t know whether or not his old friend had completely given up on his recluse or not, but if he had, surely he had a place to stay; his mom was the go-to option, not him, and that would be his argument. If was Red was trying to solicit his pity in some way, he wasn’t doing a very good job of it. 

"And by slacker, I hope you mean ‘busy.’ Sorry, but I don’t just casually hike fifteen miles a day anymore.” The brunet coolly placed a hand on his hip, then used the other to rub the back of his head, letting out a soft exhale in the process. The two of them seemed to be bickering, but, as far as Green saw it, they were actually having a conversation this time instead of the previous encounter’s awkward exchanges… and that was really contenting to him. The banter seemed playful, and Red seemed more engaged. Maybe recovering their relationship wouldn’t be as trying as he’d thought.

“I’m keeping track of it, so don’t worry. It won’t be much longer,” he added. With that comment, Green stepped forward to follow Red over to Arcanine, who was thoroughly enjoying their guest’s attention. He walked past the crouching Red in order to stand beside the massive canine, where he retrieved the egg from its harness and wrapped it carefully in his arms. He then turned to head towards the couch with it, but, after only taking just a couple steps, the egg began shaking in a way that was far more intense then the soft, frequent twitches that it had been having lately. Green paused in is tracks, turning his head over his shoulder to glance back at Red.


"See? Told ya," he said, seeming satisfied.

His verbal response had been calm, but honestly, he was quite taken aback by the egg’s reaction to justa few steps, and that this was happening right now. It seemed that Green’s gift was going to hatch right in front of its giver… How ironic.

Quickly, he made his way to couch and sat down, placing the violently quivering egg on his lap. As soon as he did, tiny chips of the shell began falling away bit-by-bit, until at one point, the casing burst completely, sending a harsh white light filling the room as the content of the egg became fully exposed. The light was said to be the “new life bursting out,” and was standard procedure of all egg hatchings, but… something about this one’s… was a little off. It seemed brighter, and longer. Green squinted with his heard turned slightly as he waited for it to fade, but it seemed to be taking an incredibly long time to diffuse. He’d couldn’t recall an egg hatching ever having such a lurid effect on his eyes…

Still, he waited it out patiently and happily, returning his gaze to his lap with a small grin upon his face when the light finally began to fade.


But, the light never left completely. There was still a sort of shinning haze over whatever creature sat on his lap. Green hurriedly blinked his eyes, attempting to adjust them so that he could see properly and determine what exactly his gift was. The first thing he was able to observe was a color: a dark, rustic yellow color; almost like a pale brown. Eventually, the shape became clear to him, and Green discovered what was sitting on his lap was… in the shape of a rattata.

A light-brown… rattata…


He remembered the scene clearly; it was a memory that resurface nearly every day. Back when the two of them were young and on their journey, they’d encountered one another and battled upon the S.S. Anne. They weren’t very far along yet, and so Green’s team had still been small, consisting of Pidgeotto, Kadabra, Charmeleon, and… a Raticate. Though his and Red’s teams were just about equal in terms of size and strength, he’d still ended up losing. But. it hadn’t been a big deal… At least at first.

Despite having a fully fainted party, Green had dawdled getting off of the ship and getting his team restored. He’d thought nothing of it. Honestly, he hadn’t cared that his partners were weak, exhausted, and, for one of them, in critical condition. Unbeknownst to him, Raticate had taken a significantly large amount of damage that extended past fainting. If Green had made the effort to go straight to the Pokemon Center after losing to Red, then it could have been avoided, but, since he failed to do so, when he finally did go to the Center to get his team healed… Raticate was not with him when he left.

He and Red… The two of them had always shared a rivalry; they’d compare their accomplishments in order to determine which of them was the better Trainer, or all-around person, even. Their mistakes also weighed against them in this competition of theirs. Whenever one of them messed up, it was for sure that they’d be called out on it. After that incident, no mistake that Red made could ever compare to what he’d done. He’d failed to care of his partners. When he was a child, he’d been such a poor and lowly Trainer that one of his partners had its life cut short. The weight of it sat upon him so heavily, that he knew he’d always be second to Red from then on. After what he’d done, the idea of him being the better trainer… was a joke. It was beyond all possibility.

 He could never compare to Red again.

Green knew this in his heart, but still, he hadn’t wanted anyone else to know. They couldn’t know. It was too awful. No one could ever know, even Red… Especially Red.

Though they were rivals, the two boys were still friends. Green had always trusted in and depended on Red for everything and anything. But, even with this, Green had a moment of doubt in his friend. He feared that if Red found about what had happened, that the weight of their rivalry would be too strong: he’d use it against him; he’d tell everyone about what he’d done and then they’d all know, without a single doubt, that Red was better. That was the surefire way to seal Red’s victory between them. Then, he’d have won for good.

Green managed to convince himself that there was no way that was the case. Red would never turn against him like that. He was his friend. He was his only friend; his best friend. He would never betray him.

But, if that’s the case… What was happening here…?

Red couldn’t have known that the offspring would turn out shiny, but he’d known exactly what creature he was putting back into his life.

…He was wrong about him.

"…You knew all along."

Green was unsure if his voice was even audible; his voice was too low and void of any positive emotion. He was still. Everything about him seemed to be void of life. He sat with his fists clenched, eyes kept firmly shut.

"…So, that’s what this is about, huh?" 

Before he even knew what he was doing, Green was trembling with anger. He held is tongue for a brief moment, but it couldn’t last long.


"That’s what this has always been about, hasn’t it?!”

And, now he was shouting. The man man jumped up onto his head and looked right to Red, his arms pressed firmly against his side. The newborn rattata had been retrieved by Arcanine the second the dog sensed his Trainer’s mood spike, and now was being held delicately in his massive jaws as he hunkered close to the floor in response to Green’s shout.

"This was your plan from the start, right?! You were never here for me! You were never here for us! You only came back to mock me!  You…! …You… you…”

Try as he might, Green couldn’t continue. He could only cover his mouth in order to stop his stuttering, as he shook his head slowly and sank back onto the couch. His head was whirling to the extent that he could produce no proper thoughts; there was only bursts of words and phrases whose context varied dramatically; from violent, to abhorrent, to dubious, to grim, to feeble… all rising and falling haphazardly: His mind was a mess. It was impossible for him to string any of them together in order to say aloud. All he could do was silently endure the onslaught:

…LIES… your BETRAYED… NEVER for you… NOW WHAT?… alone… AGAINST YOU… NO… were WRONG… FOOLISH… weak… helpLESS… so NAIEVE… gone… get OUT… YOUR fauLT… LEAVE… the END… why?… WHY?… YOU… you…

Through his storm of broken, incoherent thoughts, there came only one proper thought; only one proper sentence that repeated itself over and over and over:



…You were supposed to be here to help me.

from  ポケログ2  by  ナギヤ@名前変更 


Part Two II Cracking Open Old Wounds




[Green’s TV was left on, probably on some kind of news channel. Red was watching it as he was stretched out on the couch, but he wasn’t really processing what they were telling. Well, as long as it didn’t have anything to do with him, he was fine. Though he probably wouldn’t care much for what they had to say about him. Rumors were rumors, plus what more shit could they make up about him.]

[Red was waiting for Green again, of course showing up unannounced. He expected for Green to know he’d be back though, just not when exactly. Not like its been that long though, only three days. Should have given Green enough time to get to the point of hatching the egg he gave him. He wonders if he even attempted at all too… Well that egg was going to get hatched today, even if Red had to walk back in forth in the house with it. Three days was enough waiting time.]

[During those three days he was gone, he was catching up with his mom. He was scared to go back right away after talking to Green, so he spent the night sleeping on Snorlax just outside of Pallet Town and greeted her in the morning. That reunion went well, it was just different for Red to see his mother cry for the first time. She wasn’t at all mad at him, but just happy he was back home safely.]

[Those days went by slow, but they were nice. Most of the day was spent of Red talking (yeah, right?) about all that happened, correcting rumors, and explaining what was going on in his head. His mom would comfort him when appropriate, but the things that would usually make him cry he didn’t shed a tear. It must of been strange for her to see him so expressionless now, but not once she pointed it out. He wasn’t her little boy anymore, but he hated how hard it was to give her a full smile again.]


[Ugh, this was boring.]

[Red got Pikachu to hand him the remote and started flipping through the channels.]

[Boring. Boring. Waaait, no boring. Huh… So that’s how… Omg food… Oooh!]

[He finally settles on some cartoon that was playing, watching that until Green finally notices this bum when he walks back into the room.]

"Hey… What do you think people think of this?"


With a sliver of a smile and a soft tone, Green aimed this warmhearted yet somewhat playful question at his only companion at the given time, who, despite this addressal , wasn’t paying an ounce of attention to him. Instead, the arcanine was far too busy eyeing a nearby pidgey, its feathers and down fluffed up in defense to the chilly breeze that had just carried it to land in a vacant patch of grass. The massive canine stared at the small creature with glossy eyes that were full of longing. It was not a look of a wolf-like desire for a feverish attack, which would be expected from most creatures of his size, but a gentle plea for the bird’s attention. He let out a pitiful whimper, wishing from the bottom of his heart that the Flying-type would hop over to their location on the sidewalk and allow him to gently poke at and nuzzle his nose into it.

His next step in his ploy was to lay down and make himself seem smaller and more approachable. Normally, he’d plop down in one swift motion, but, at this moment a certain something was restricting him from doing so. Green had made sure to thoroughly secure it to his Pokemon’s back, making a carrier out of a basket and a riding saddle that he’d never bothered to use, along with several scarves to tie down and cushion it, so really there was nothing to worry about. Still, Arcanine felt that the importance of the bundle on his back was far greater than that of this pidgey. And so, the canine eased himself towards the ground slowly, moderately lowering his anterior and posterior at an even pace in order to keep his spine completely horizontal until touching down. He then laid there, hopeful eyes locked on the teeny bird and his huge, mane of a tail, swishing back and forth.

Great affection and concern were simply the dog’s nature, and so it became instantly fond of any small or young creature to wander in its path. It was a daily occurrence. This pidgey just happened to be the current being of interest, though it didn’t seem to be paying any attention to Arcanine’s advances. It sat casually grooming itself, picking small bits of debris from its feathers without a single glance in the two’s direction. Even after Arcanine had lowered himself it paid no mind. As a matter of fact, the action had seemed to reduce his presence even further, for the bird suddenly took back to the air and flew to land in the branches of a tree a few yards away. The Fire-type’s ear fell flat in defeat, and the swishing of fluff slowly came to a stop.

"Well," Green added, chuckling, "think of you, anyways.” 

No longer distracted, Arcanine heard his Trainer’s words loud and clear, whipping his massive head to face Green with ears suddenly skyward once again. He then raised himself off of the ground as quickly and cautiously as possible, and trotted to the brunet’s side to continue their walk. He wasn’t exactly sure what Green had meant by that, but he sure was happy. Happy about his Trainer’s warm tone… happy about being outside… happy about the bundle on his back… Happy about everything! This chipper canine always seemed to behappy, even after a failed attempt at making a friend.

Green’s gentle giant of a Pokemon never failed to amuse him. It was especially easy for Arcanine’s behavior to bring a smile to his face when he was in as a good of a mood as he just so happened to be in. The man had been in high spirits ever since a certain encounter he’d had three days ago… All because of Red.

It was because of that very same person that he and Arcanine had come out on this venture to begin with. Red had decided to let himself into his home even though the front door had been locked and ended up breaking it. Oddly, though, Green wasn’t upset about it. Still, he couldn’t leave it that way and risk anyone else barging in, so he’d had to buy a new lock. Arcanine accompanied him simply because the canine has refused to leave his side ever since discovering Red’s gift. Green was constantly leaving the egg in his care when he was occupied, knowing that no harm would come to it. Honestly, it might be better off with the motherly Pokemon than with himself. Currently, his hands were occupied by the supplies he’d just bought, as well as a few extra bags from a convenience store he’d popped into, so that was definitely that case. The Fire-type’s help was surely appreciated.

The two continued their stroll home with no further distractions and eventually made their way back to the house. Upon turning onto his pathway, though, Green noticed that the front door was opened slightly…  

He paused his steps, a little uneasy at the sight. He knew that he’d pulled it to a close when they left, and the wind wasn’t powerful enough today to blow it open… So that meant that something or someone had opened it. Kinda ironic how the reason for him being out of the house at the moment was so that he could prevent exactly that… Actually, it wasn’t ironic; it was aggravating. Green definitely wasn’t laughing.

Arcanine must have noticed the door as well, because he suddenly let out a low growl. Without saying a word, Green nudged his Pokemon with his knee. The massive canine knew just what his Trainer was implying and began towards the house with his teeth bared, Green trailing behind. The gentle nature didn’t disregard how powerful and protective his Pokemon was, especially on command.

The canine’s growling was held down until the moment he pushed the door open and leaped into the house, a vicious snarl bursting out of him and towards whoever the intruder was. Green was just making his way up the porch steps when, surprisingly, Arcanine’s verbal aggression halted. Curious as to why, the man quickly paced forward to stand in the doorway and look inside. The first thing he saw was the swishing of his Pokemon’s enormous tail, and then a Pikachu sitting upon the arm of his couch, whose presence had caused Arcanine to be distracted from his task yet again. A familiar figure was also spread out leisurely across the leather. 


Guess he should have expected that. 

"…Well," he said aloud, "I’m glad you find my couch so comfortable," regarding to his unexpected guest’s current position. Letting himself in was one thing, but Red had really made himself at home. 


Green sighed, but couldn’t hold back a soft chuckle. He then stepped forward to stand beside the coffee table, placing the bags that he’d been carrying on it, then looking to Red with an expression that was undeniably brighter than the one he’d worn during their last encounter. Green had a feeling he knew why Red was here, but he figured that he’d ask some questions anyways.  

"So is the whole breaking-and-entering thing just gonna be a frequent occurrence with you?" Technically the breaking had already been done, so only the entering had taken place, but whatever. He got the point. 


"You are gonna at least start going easy on my door, right? Or, was me going out to get the junk to fix it a wasted effort?" He added, pointing a finger towards the bags on the table.

Happy Birthday, Green! II Be Eggster Careful Not to Crack His Heart!


[Watching him was almost a chore. Weren’t you supposed to open presents right away once you received them? At least that’s how he remembered it is supposed to go, but Green was taking his time while he observed and slowly unraveled the multiple scarves he had to tie together to wrap around his gift. Honestly if he wasn’t busy stuffing his face right now, he would be there quickly unraveling it for him.]


[Red had already finished through the whole container before Green got to the last scarves, but at least it was apparent that he knew what the present clearly was now. He just glanced at Green’s face, peeking for facial expressions, then looking away to make sure there eyes won’t accidentally meet. He couldn’t stand eye contact, but even if it was someone he was comfortable with he just couldn’t do it. It made him self-conscious, afraid that people would really see who he is. He got rid of that fear years ago since he’s views of power weren’t the same as they are now, but… There’s still a lot he wanted to keep hidden behind this unexpressed mask.]

[The trainer did note the other man’s expression though. Confused.]

[Was Red’s choice of present the wrong choice? Was it a bad one? It may be a little strange and there probably should be some explanation of why the present is this egg, but he did want more of a happier reaction to make sure that this was a good choice. Can’t take it back now though, unfortunately.]

"What’s all of this about?"


[Ah… the explanation.]

[This wasn’t the time for that. If he had to explain, then he would have to reveal what it would hatch into. That was all part of the surprise as well, which also made Red nervous about. This could either go smoothly or all downhill.]

[He’ll just wait to come back to see progress on the hatching before he says anything.]

Happy Birthday…


[He mumbled, but it was still audible.]

[Red stood up, picking up Pikachu that stood by his feet wondering where he was going now. He was going to leave now. He did all he was going to do, the present was delivered, now its time to go.]

[Those will be the last words Red will say as he walks back towards the door he broke into. He will be back soon, reason why he’s not going to bother with a bye.]

[He stands by the door or a short moment. Pikachu turning around on Red’s shoulder to give Green a wave, then finally walking out.]

His guest seemed to hesitate, as if looking for an answer that wasn’t so easy to find. The thought of just how difficult it could possibly be made Green wary of whatever response would come out of Red’s hushed mouth. Perhaps no answer would come at all. Then his tensity would end up being for nothing. But, with nothing to clarify his thoughts the man would remain in a dazed state, leaving him in an uncomfortable mindset regardless. This had been one of those days where Green’s thoughts had wandered too far and claimed complete control over him, after all. The damned thing continued hold the reigns even now.


But, eventually, he did speak up just enough to reply… and his words continued the pattern of everything Red has said or done in this short time of the past rivals being reunited knocking Green completely off-guard. 

Happy Birthday…

Those two faint, struggled words, no matter how casually meager they would have entered his hears floating upon any other person’s voice, were all that was necessary to send Green’s mind whirling once again. But it was different this time. His concoction of anxious and doubtful thoughts were not whipping around, echoing in his subconscious. More accurately, they were swiftly whisked out of existence, blown out of his head as if Red’s words were a gust of wind that had carried them far away. 

His mind came to a halt. 

The man let out long, slow breath that he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. His chin raised, leaving his head to tilt back slightly, while both his eyes and mouth swelled in size. He saw his guest rise from his seat, pick up his little yellow partner and start towards the door he’d suddenly came from a mere ten or fifteen minutes ago. He saw him, even if his eyes did not distinctly follow him. It wasn’t until Red had walked completely passed him that he lost sight of him, for he remained in his position, silently facing the kitchen that had just contained the ravenet.


Green did not turn around. He simply heard Red off, listening as his footsteps trailed across the floor not far behind him. They seemed to stop, not even for a moment before picking up again, their tone changing as the terrain changed from hardwood to the stone beyond the front door, until eventually, they faded out completely.

Once his footsteps could no longer be heard, Green coolly stepped to turn around and face the door, and, as he’d expected, Red was nowhere to be seen. Calmly, he approached the door and grabbed it with his spare hand, the other arm still occupied by the egg.  He pushed it to a close, and after it had shut, he remained there, hovering with his hand pressed against the wood. He leaned his head forward to do the same, allowing his forehead to rest against it along with his head. From this angle, he stared at the egg he held, and oddly, he smiled.

"…So you’re back, huh?"

Following was the first genuine piece of warmhearted laughter he’d had all day.


"…Welcome back."

He was sure that gramps and Daisy wouldn’t mind if he was a little late. Honestly, he was glad that he’d made them wait. 

* * * * *

Happy Birthday, Green! II Be Eggster Careful Not to Crack His Heart!


[He pursed his lips together. How could let something as embarrassing as that interrupt this. Well… I guess there wasn’t really anything to interrupt in the first place, but he was just passing on something that was soon to be meaningful to Green. Well either way…. it killed the awkward mood between them. Silence obviously didn’t bother Red on bit, just he could tell by Green’s body gestures before that it was so.]

[He didn’t let the embarrassment over take him though. He only just averted his eyes to the ground, but no signs that his expression changed or hint of blushing.]

"Feel free to… look around."

[He looked back up at Green again, still not making contact, but he can see a little sparkle in his eyes. Guessing that was an okay to go rummage through his fridge, which he’ll take this opportunity gladly. He didn’t hesitate to turn quickly and start towards the kitchen.]

[Oh… one thing.]

[He turned his head to look back at him.]



Unwrap it.

[Now back to getting food.]

[He didn’t care whether the food was cold or anything, he just wanted to eat it. There was something noodle based in the fridge so he just immediately grabbed for that container. Opening a bunch of drawers to look for silverware, he manages to find a fork and goes to sit down at the table. Yeah, he just left everything all open, well at least the fridge is closed anyway.]

[Prying the lid off quickly, he’s already stuffing his face with noodles.]


[Somewhere you could see a smile maybe. He really was content right now. He hasn’t had a real meal in so long.]


[He looked over from the table to eye Green again, then back to the bundle he made him hold as he gave it to him. He was still expecting him to open it. His eyes won’t stop staring until the man does so.] 

At his okay, Red took no time to turn away from him and start towards the kitchen in order to search its contents. Green watched him silently as he walked away, planning on overlooking the man as he rummaged around. Right as his guest reached the archway that opened into the neighboring room, though, he suddenly halted his steps and looked over his shoulder. His eyes said absolutely nothing, though he obviously had something to say. The chilly gaze was just a little… unnerving. Green couldn’t remember them having this effect on him… It may have just been that time had caused him to forget, but regardless, Red really seemed like an entirely different person standing here in front of him. The man was more of a stranger then a soul he’d spent the majority of his life around at this moment. But, of course he couldn’t accept that idea. He had too many memories that wouldn’t allow it. It would seem that… Green would simply have to grow used to his childhood friend all over again.

Unwrap it.

Oh… So the scarves really were concealing something…


Green said not a word in return as Red continued on his task of finding food. Instead, he let his eyes slip down from supervising his guest to analyzing the bundle he held. The various scarves that ‘wrapped’ the bundle were loosely weaves together. Some of them were tied at the end to form a knot which stuck out prominently, while most simply hung downward. The man let out a low breath of amusement at Red’s method. It was very him. Why the hell did he have so many scarves to begin with, though? That was a good question, but it wasn’t Green’s only question. As a matter of fact, Green had several questions, all of which whirled around in his head as he stared at the bundle, lost in thought of what the answers to them could possibly be.


The Leader could have continued on like this for a very long time, but the feeling of being intensely watched suddenly crept upon him, and it was no mystery who was causing that sensation.

Concentration broken, Green crept his eyes up to look into the kitchen. Red had grabbed his leftover takeout from the day before and nestled himself at the table. He also noticed that every single drawer around the room had somehow miraculously opened, but, as odd as it was, that was unimportant. What was important was the look Red was giving his host. It was even more powerful than the one before, and Green didn’t have to guess why. The quaint bundle still remained wrapped. He’d meant to meet Red’s demand of revealing whatever resided in the center of it while his guest rummaged around, but his thoughts had distracted him. The man let out a small sigh, knowing that he’d continue to be watched until doing so. 

Green returned his attention to the bundle and began carefully unraveling the mess of fabric, focusing on one scarf at a time and letting it fall to the floor once he’d finally freed it, then moving on to the next. His hands moved slower than he would have preferred, making the process drag on and cause the air to become even heavier with each passing second. But, after a notable pile had been formed at his feet, he eventually reached something that wasn’t fabric at all, but still something that he recognized very easily: the smooth, blotchy surface of a well taken care of Pokemon egg.

Allowing the remainder of the scarves to fall to the floor, Green scooped the egg into his hands and pressed it against his chest for support. The cocoon of cloth had kept it very snug, and the warmth it held warmed his skin. He simply stared down at the thing, face sightly warped, puzzled. Green didn’t actually know what he’d expected to find in the center, but it definitely hadn’t been this. The question of what was inside the bundle had been answered, yet he was left even more confused than before. 


"Red…" His voice trailed somewhat, but it was kept as earnest as he could manage. "What’s all of this about?"

Happy Birthday, Green! II Be Eggster Careful Not to Crack His Heart!


[Red was waiting for a while, but he didn’t budge away from his spot at the door. His eyes had just been flickering around of what all he could see of the house. The den and the kitchen were in view, which Red only just glanced at the den and eyed over at the kitchen. Noting the fridge, his stomach began to rumble.

How long has it been since he has eaten..? He remembers about three weeks ago he came across a dead Teddiursa. He did feel bad for the poor bear Pokemon, but it was out there to satisfy his hunger. He was able to ration the small amount of meat for maybe a week, noting the berries that he had and shared with his own Pokemon. So… At least two weeks without a meal. You wonder how he’s even still standing, even living at this point. But he had gotten used to the bad conditions and little food resources that he had on the mountain.]



[His stomach growled again as he began to think of what all could be inside the fridge. He could kill for some Spaghetti right now, but anything would do.]

[He was just about to take a step towards the kitchen, but he heard the soft patters of feet running back towards him. As he looked down, Pikachu’s hands were held up in excitement. He understood, Green was home.]

[It wasn’t long before he heard louder footsteps throughout the hall, then seeing his spikey haired friend cling at the wall.


Red wasn’t sure how to react, after noting Green’s surprised expression as he looked over at him. He did expect to see him, yeah that’s what he even came here for, but as his heart stopped he couldn’t portray this reaction into an expression. He was feeling a lot of emotions bubble inside of his chest, but the same dull expression remained. He really did want to express his excitement, joy, the tears that he wanted to shed and apologize to his old friend. One part he was stuck in his old ways, and two he didn’t think it was entirely appropriate. He already had a set thing to do, and that was to just hand over his gift.]

[He stepped over the small mouse, Pikachu still following after him as he walked towards Green. As he stopped in front of him, he looked at his face, but couldn’t look him in the eyes. He held his hands out towards him, offering over the slightly shaking bundle in them.]

[He nudged him with it, wanting him to take it.]

…. …

[A loud growl.]


[Awkward. He moved a hand over to his stomach.]

I’m hungry…

[Speaking finally.]

After Green’s single word of address, the air turned uneasily silent, and remained that way for what seemed like forever. The Leader stared over at his unexpected guest with puzzled and somewhat startled eyes. Red’s expression was unreadable, and he seemed unable to meet his gaze directly. Everything about this situation was… extremely uncomfortable. He had just been mulling over his old friend for nearly an hour, and now here he suddenly was, yet Green was nowhere as lively as he’d thought he would be, and was instead left in such an unresponsive and… well, awkward state. It seemed the same went for Red, as well.

The spiky haired brunet may have kept quiet, but during the silence his mind was racing as he looked over every detail of this person he hadn’t seen in years. The ravenet was wearing the same backpack he had when they were younger, and was holding some sort of odd looking bundle, but what stood out the most to Green was how frail the man looked… Had he always been this scrawny? Despite the observation, there was no doubt…it was definitely still Red. Green wondered what was going through his head. Did he look any different to him?

Red must had finally had enough of the uncomfortable atmosphere, because he broke the standstill by suddenly taking a step forward and walking towards him, Pikachu trailing closely. He stopped to stand directly in front of him, and held out the bundle he held to push it against Green’s chest. The Leader only stared down at the bundle at first, but after Red gently shoved it against him a couple times, he hesitantly took it into his arms, not taking his eyes off of whatever it was.


Now that is was in his own grasp, Green could get a better look at the bundle. There wasn’t much he could infer about it, though, besides that it seemed to be something wrapped in countless scarves in wide array of colors. As for what was hiding underneath them, he didn’t know. Regardless, it was definitely a very… unique packaging job.

Green held the bundle in the curve of one of his arms and slowly ran his unoccupied hand over the various fabrics. Red was… giving him this? He wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, and opened his mouth to question his guest, but before he could get a word out, he was cut short by a quaint rumbling sound. Green closed his mouth and took his eyes off of the bundle and gave Red a curious glance.

Was that…?


I’m hungry…


"Y-yeah, I can tell…" Green mumbled, his speech far from graceful. His words seem to trip over one another. It may not be smooth, but at least he was communicating… decently. Better than Red, anyways, whose stomach so far said more than his mouth did.

"I do have a kitchen, you know."  Green eyed his guest. "Feel free to… look around."

Happy Birthday, Green! II Be Eggster Careful Not to Crack His Heart!


[Red knocked off the left over snow on his clothes, feeling instantly warmer as he made his way down the mountain. The weather down here was still actually chilly (being fall already) but after living on Mt. Silver, this was summer to him. Pikachu crawled out from Red’s bag, shaking to get adjusted to the new weather, and sat himself on his shoulder. The yellow rodent smushed his cheek against Red’s, making the protag smile and nuzzle him in return. He was especially in a good mood today. That’s because…

Today… Today was Green’s birthday. Though he had let his birthday pass by those other years, this year he thinks he can actually come back and confront him. Most of what Red has been thinking about those years on the mountain was about his rival, his old friend… They’ve been through a lot on their adventures, most of which had to be fixed, so he thinks he had finally found a resolve to things. At least… hopefully. This will either dig their friendship deeper in the earth, or slowly help fill the hole back up.]

[…. This resolve, you ask?]

[Pikachu noticed Red hold his hands out, the trainer didn’t have to speak in order for his longtime partner to understand what he means. The electric rodent turned back around and stuck his head in the bag. Searching and searching, Pikachu wiggled his butt as he pulled out a bundle from the bag. He struggled to carry the bundle as he lifted it out, but Red took it into his arms. The mystery item was wrapped up in scarfs, with the addition of a bow on top. It was Green’s birthday after all… So this was the perfect timing to give him this.]

[Red was on his way. After how long he’s set foot in the Kanto region, the route trails haven’t changed a bit. Everything was nostalgic as he walked through each town. He thought about Brock, Misty, even his mom. He wondered how they were holding up. He didn’t let anybody know about his leave, but not like it was much of a secret for long once it was released to the media. He wondered just how his old friends are going to feel about his return. Will they be mad, happy, sad…? This also applied to Green especially since he is going to show up to his place out of the blue.

Honestly the thought made Red a little uncomfortable. He didn’t want to show up then to be kicked away… He had no idea how Green feels. He didn’t think much about it in the past before and even now…. No. Red already thought past this. There wasn’t any turning back now.]

[Finally made it.]


[Pikachu pressed his cheek against Red’s once again, giving it a little shock. This started him, but as many times as he’s been shocked by him over the years, it was painless. He knew this was his way of cheering the protag up, also telling him good luck. Red’s heart was pounding and his arms were shaking, though that might be the help of something else in his arms! He was nervous. Was he home? Would it be okay to bother him? …. Another shock. Okay, okay! Red’s going in, right after he pinches Pikachu’s cheeks hard, but playfully.]

[He lifted his hand up, about to knock, but it went straight to the door knob. He turned the door knob a few times. Locked.]

[Red turned the handle and gave the door a hard push.]

[The door opened. Sorry Green, now your lock is broken.]

[He closed the door back, looking around to where his spikey haired friend might be. He cleared his throat, maybe he should try calling for him.]



[He cleared his throat again. Was that really his voice? His voice was deep, scratchy, and just barely audible. He hasn’t talked in a long time, he never really had the need to for all this time though.]

Green, are you here?

[He tried to say louder this time, successfully at least. He still stood by the door as he waited, holding the slightly moving bundle against his chest. Pikachu was a little impatient though, hopping off of Red’s shoulder and scurrying about the house. He sniffed the floor to follow the rival’s scent to find him.]

It… was one of those days.

Green wasn’t a child. He hadn’t been for a long time… but he remembered when he was very clearly. As an adult, he understood just how foolish and naïve children were, perhaps better than anymore. At least that’s what he thought, having to deal with them challenging him at the Gym on a day to day basis… and because he knew all about himself as a kid. Some of his younger challengers were surprisingly sweet and open to the advice he had to offer them, but the majority of them were arrogant and rash, self-assured that they had the world in the palm of their tiny little hands… Just like he’d been.

When he saw them, he saw himself at that age… and when he saw himself, he saw… things he didn’t want to: his mistakes and his regrets. He saw these kids nearly every day, and because of that, he saw his past nearly every day. It swamped his mind constantly, some days more heavily than others, when his thoughts were such a vicious burden that they effected his temperament and ability to simply live his life.

He didn’t choose the days his mind would wander into dark reaches that he’d really rather it not. It wasn’t something he could necessarily help, yet it was kind of ironic that he was in this kind of mood on today of all days. It was his birthday, a day upon which every year he would travel the short distance back to Pallet and meet up with Daisy and Gramps so that they could travel together to a larger city and celebrate. He was actually supposed to be on his way there right now… yet, here the young Leader was still at home, by himself, lounged out on a loveseat located in his bedroom staring at nothing in particular.


The more he thought about it, the more he thought that maybe… the occasion was actually to blame for this bout?

Birthdays… were the celebration of life. More importantly, they were the celebration of the bonds made throughout that life, because the only people around someone on their birthday are those who they really care about: the ones who are truly grateful that that person is alive. The same goes right back to them.

Green wasn’t exactly the most warmhearted person in the world… or sociable, for that matter. He had a strong tendency of denying the advances of others, so forming a bond with him was an applaudable act. Sure, there were plenty of individuals who have pushed their way into and out of his life, and quite a few whom he considered his friends. But, as for those whom he kept a firm grasp on in his mind; the top tier reserved for those he could honestly say he cared about with all his heart, there was only three: his grandfather, his sister, and his best friend. Two of those people he was supposed to have left to meet up with already, but one… was absent, and had been absent from this occasion for several years…

…And would continue to be.

At that moment, Green swore that he heard something: a voice from his past that he could effortlessly pin a name to, one that his mind tried to fool him with frequently. He knew better than to pay any attention to it, yet, in that moment, he almost went to jolt up out of his seat and give into it.

But he didn’t.

“No…” The man let out a low breath that contained a single word. His voice was merely a whisper. “I’m imagining it.”


“I’m always imagining it.”

Green sighed and slouched in his seat, laying his head back to rest on the leathery cushion behind him. He let his eyelids creep to a close, and the second that he did, he suddenly felt a weight land on his lap. He furrowed his brows slightly, but moved no more than that. He’d sworn he’d put Eevee away in her ball, but apparently he’d only imagined that, too. But… since when was she this heavy…? She definitely didn’t weight this much…

…And she definitely didn’t make a sound like the one that suddenly filled his ears.


Green’s eye flew open and his head shot up instantly so that he could stare down at the round bundle of yellow fur that looked fondly up at him from his lap. It was not his Eevee at all, but a chubby Pikachu that let out another high-pitched “Kya!” of greeting upon meeting his eyes. The Electric type hopped up against his chest and rubbed a check upon his face, giving the man the sensation of a soft tingle of electricity against his skin. No sooner did he have the time to react to the thing before it swiftly hopped off of him and onto the floor, scurrying out of the room with the sound of pittering paws faintly sounding throughout the house, gradually decreasing in volume as it scurried further and further away. 


Without a single thought, he found himself leaping out of that seat and following that Pikachu down the hallway in a sprint. He slowed to a halt when the hall opened up into the living room, hugging the corner of the wall with one arm, eyes wide and mouth opened slightly as he stared towards the doorway where that Pikachu stood at the feet of…

He… wasn’t imaging this.



Good As Golduck || [Green & Misty]


As if the awkward incident wasn’t enough to brush off as is, now Green was laughing about it. He sure seemed to get a real kick out of it, that’s for sure. What, was her pick up line really that bad? Or did he find it that humorous to imagine Misty in such a way?


"Mind tellin’ me what’s so funny, bucko? The only thing worth laughing over is that fact I’d mistaken you for a hunk.”

She was clearly embarrassed, and retorting with such spiteful words was her initial reaction to play it off. Luckily, the tables turned once she saw a shoot of water crash against the male’s rump. She hadn’t a clue where or whom it could’ve come from, nor did she really think about it for too long. It automatically sent her into a laughing fit.


"It looks like someone thinks otherwise of ya, hot shot! Maybe they thought you needed a cool down!"

As her laughter subsided into faint giggling, she placed a hand over her mouth and looked at the man before her once more. The tall, toned, dripping wet man before her. Her eyes lowered once he wasn’t paying much attention to her and more on the culprit. His face wasn’t that bad to keep her gaze from wandering, it seemed. Green surely took good care of himself and his appearance, and Misty couldn’t deny that she liked that.

When he let out a shout towards the water, she direction her attention over to where he was looking, as well. She was much surprised to see a rapidly moving, cynical-looking Golduck coming straight towards them.

The only thing she had time to do was flinch and instinctively shield her face with her arms. A little bit of her had hoped maybe Psyduck would think to come protect his trainer, despite her telling him to stay put (as if that was really his reason for staying put.)

But after feeling the supposed menace brush against her leg, she realized she wasn’t in much danger. Things once more took an odd turn once she saw the attempt of seduction in the Golduck’s eyes that was aimed towards her.

“Looks like you’ve got a taker.”

She gave an immediate glare at Green. “What are you implying? That I’m hurt about you not takin’ those advances earlier? As if I would have given them if I knew it was you.”


She took one step to the left to move out of Golduck’s love bubble. “And get your studto take it down a notch. There’s no doubt this arrogant little guy is your Pokemon.”

Once Green was done with picking on her, the firecracker simmered down a bit. She gave a slight chuckle. “Kings, huh? I was hopin’ maybe I’d be able to rule this land. I thought I would be pretty worthy of it.”

Her face showed utter confusion once it was question why she’d be anywhere that there was water.

"You mean you really can’t figure out why? Well, I guess I’ll tell ya. I’m actually not here for some R&R, I came here with my Psyduck, hopin’ maybe I could get his butt into gear."

She then looked back to locate her unattended Pokemon. Hopefully he hadn’t gotten himself into too much trouble within the amount of time that they were apart. And to her surprise, he had actually taken her orders to stay put, a little too literally. Was he even breathing?

She then decided it was probably a good idea to call him over. Why not, she had already brought him up to Green. She let out a sigh, then there was a pause before she gave a wave in Psyduck’s direction.

"It’s alright to come on over here, now."

At first, the duck-like Pokemon only gave her his typical blank stare, but then eventually put one foot before the other and waddled over in a hurry, knowing it was best to not keep Misty waiting.

As Misty scooted away from the doting duck, Green watched as his Pokémon let out a somewhat offended grunt, the gleam in his eyes turning into an even more pompous glint then they already had been prior to her cold shoulder. It seemed as if he just couldn’t fathom why any individual that he was oh-so gracious enough to approach with such interest would dare to decline his advances. How rude! Any other woman would be rubbing his chin my now!

 Still, rejection aside, Golduck kept his gaze on the Water-Type trainer even as she now stood afar from him. As long as he keeps up his undeniable interest and undeniable charm — she was bound to come around eventually.

Green laughed under his breath in response to his Pokemon’s quirky behavior. He then turned his eyes fully onto Misty, placing his hands on his sides and pushing his chest out slightly, as if boasting.


“Well yeah, of course.” He responded, chin held high. “They do say that Pokémon tend to reflect their Trainer in some way. This guy just happens to display an aspect of me you’re not a big fan of. Bad luck.”

Training, huh? Well of course this humble little beach would be the perfect spot for that, too. Green hadn’t raised a Water-Type in quite a while, but if he ever decided to give another one a go in the future, he’d probably mimic her training regimen and come here himself.

When Misty turned to face farther up the beach, Green leaned to the side to look around her and locate the said Psyduck with his own eyes. She waved the yellow creature down and called out to it, yet it remained where it stood. Green wondered if maybe it had not heard her. It had definitely seen its Trainer, though, for it was staring dead at her. He was a little puzzled as to why Misty’s companion wasn’t down here with her already, especially after Golduck’s little display of affection. Even in his basic stage, Green’s Pokemon wouldn’t have stood for that foolery. If attention was being given to another creature besides himself… that was a problem, and he’d rush over to the problem and attempt to fix it. But, every Pokémon is different.  

Green stood silently, patiently awaiting for some kind of movement from either of the other party. He was expecting Misty to call out once again, but suddenly there was no need to. Out of nowhere, in the midst of the thing’s blank staring, a switch seemed to turn in the little duck’s head. The short and chubby Psyduck took off in a dash er, more along the lines of a quick paced waddle, actually in their direction, finally responding to its Trainer’s signals only after very long pause, as if there was some type of lag in its system.

The Water-Type moved across the pebbley beach as quickly as its stubby little feet would allow. Although Green was anticipating the thing to trip over a stray grain of sand, it somehow managed to make its way down to halt beside its Trainer with no accidents. Upon arriving at its destination, it stood without a sound. Without a flinch… without a glance at either of the individuals it had yet to be introduced to…. Nope. Just… stood.

Oh yeah. This one was definitely different.

“Remember that thing I said about Pokémon reflecting their trainer?” He craned his neck to send her a suggestive gaze, brows cocked in a manner that was sure to vex this redhead who was tended to be oh-so easily red-faced. “I’ll definitely keep that in mind with this guy.”


“Nah, I’m kidding.” He quickly added, flashing the girl a quick smile as if to validate himself.

“But honestly though…”

The man kneeled down, placing one knee into the sand to put himself at eye level with Misty’s Pokemon. It was looking towards him, but he wasn’t exactly sure if it was looking at him. Regardless, Green decided to try and get its attention for himself. He raised one of his hands up and clenched it into the shape of a fist. He then placed it lightly on the Psyduck’s head, giving him a slight ‘donk’ on the noggin.

He’d expected some form of reaction, but the little guy remained exactly as he was. Not a muscle, not a blink, not a breath.




“Man, Misty, where’ve you been hiding this gem at?” He asked, a somewhat dumbfounded expression displayed upon his face.

“Definitely not something people would expect out of a prestigious Water Trainer like yourself. Probably best you keep him under lock and key then, huh? People like us are the subjects of plenty of rumors, ya know. And with some things I’ve heard about you, I really don’t think you’re in need of anymore of those.”