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Song: Back Against The Wall
Artist: Cage The Elephant
Album: Cage The Elephant (2009)
Plays: 12

Back Against The Wall | Cage The Elephant 

You got me where you want me again and I can’t turn away. I’m hanging by a thread and I’m feeling like a fool. I’m stuck here in between the shadows of my yesterday… I want to get away; I need to get away.

Song: Final Masquerade
Artist: Linkin Park
Album: The Hunting Party (2014)
Plays: 18

Final Masquerade | Linkin Park

Tearing me apart with words you wouldn’t say, and suddenly tomorrow’s a moment washed away. We both keep on waiting for something we won’t find. 


im jealous of green bc he doesnt have to go to school :^(

Song: Let Me Drown
Artist: We As Human
Album: Until We're Human (2013)
Plays: 18

Let Me Drown | We As Human

Take a breath, hold it in, and sink beneath. Feel the eyes of the living watching me. Lay me down in the water; leave the past behind. 

Good As Golduck || [Green & Misty]


Misty just watched Green sweet talk the Diglett in slight disgust. She didn’t he was a pompous jerk to Pokemon, in fact, she knew he couldn’t be, seeing that he gets along so well with his own team. It was just a little nauseating to see such a difference in his tone towards that dumb Diglett than he uses with her.


And he was relating that thing to Psyduck. Not only that, he wanted it to train with them?! Was he out of his mind?! Pysduck alone was enough of a hassle!

However, the Diglett’s overflowing enthusiasm was hard for Misty to ignore. At least it wanted to evolve and get better.

If that thing evolves before Psyduck does…

The moment Green directed his attention back to Misty, her entire demeanor changed, but a bit of the snark hadn’t yet left.

"Looks like I made a friend!"

"Ya don’t say? Heh, this is a pretty big day for ya, ain’t it? Yeah yeah, whatever. That little guy can tag along, just as long as he doesn’t get in the way or anythin’. I got my own handful to deal with."

She partially just wanted to see Green’s overconfidence blow up in his face. Training these Pokemon weren’t going to be easy.

"So what’s the game plan?"

"Gameplan? You mean a battle? What, you’re tellin me you’ve been a gym leader for all this time and don’t know how that goes by now?" The man threw back joshingly after chuckling at Misty’s own rouse of teasing for a moment. He clicked his tongue while shaking his head.

"C’mon, Misty… Now, that’s shameful."

The spiky brunet kept lightspirted grin intact thoughout the entirety of their bantering. He honestly enjoyed their playful exchanges- Though, sometimes he wasn’t for sure if everything the woman said was meant to be taken tongue and cheek… But, he could only assume she was thinking the same for him. 

Regardless, Misty was the only person he could ever find himself acting this childish with. Perhaps this had to do with the fact that they had known each other when they were children. At age, though, their bickering meant business. He was a genuinely pompous kid then, so, thinking back, it made sense; he wasn’t exactly the kindest kid and definitely not the easiest to get along with. But, that had changed in him with his age, and as had their relationship as they became colleagues into what could be seen today… whatever it is you’d call that. Regardless, Green counted his blessings and was happy to have someone around that he could still act like a kid with in some ways.

"Really, though, it shouldn’t be that tough." He added, becoming a bit more serious and trying to address how this training will really go down. "We have a Ground-type and a Water-type, so your player should have the home advantage. Just stick to moves of those type and it should go pretty smoothly for him. We can’t go wrong with that plan."

He glanced down to the giddy diglet who was still excitedly bobbing up and down through the sand, eager to get things going and be given a command. The little was looking forward to evolving a whole lot more than Psyduck was. Honestly, Green wasn’t sure Psyduck even knew much about that, or let alone was anxious for the change. He’d gotten this Pokemon all riled up, already, so he’d make sure that a dugtrio came out of this equation, as well. Psyduck was their primary focus, though, and so they’d stick to this strategy in order to get him evolved first.

"Alright, then! Let’s give him a dig attack!" 

Green shouted his command to mark the first move of the battle. The diglet obeyed, diving its black head under the ground o begin hurdling towards Psyduck, leaving a trail of upturned sand and stone behind it. The man watched in suspense, eager to see the Water-type’s reaction. Even if it did land, it was a Ground-type move and couldn’t have much effect, right? Or, at least he hoped this would all be that easy.

Song: All These Things That I Have Done
Artist: The Killers
Album: Hot Fuss (2004)
Plays: 6

All These Things That I Have Done | The Killers

I wanna shine on in the hearts of man. I want to mean it from the back of my broken hand.

Song: Screen
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Album: Vessel (2013)
Plays: 178

Screen | Twenty One Pilots

I do not know why I would go in front of you and hide my soul, cause’ you’re the only one who knows it. Yeah, you’re the only one who knows it.
Song: Dreaming My Way To You
Artist: Artist vs Poet
Album: Break EP
Plays: 147

Dreaming My Way To You | Artist vs Poet

No matter where you are, you live loud in my heart.
Song: Medicine
Artist: Daughter
Album: The Wild Youth (2011)
Plays: 285

Medicine | Daughter

Pick it up. Pick it all up and start again. You’ve got a second chance. You could go home, escape it all. It’s just irrelevant.

Part 3 || Piecing the Shell Back Together; I Won’t Leave You Broken


[Red watched Green after he had finished talking, the same determined look didn’t leave his eyes as he looked towards him. The brunette hadn’t looked up yet, but he was giving him the moment to think it over.]


[He had every right to what his choice would be. Let him in or make him leave. He wouldn’t let him push him away without a little fight, but if that’s what he wanted he’d let him have it.]

[Green really was everything to Red. His rival, but he’s always been his one and only best friend. The one he could laugh and play with, the one he could rely on for help… He ruined that by leaving and becoming and an untrustworthy friend. He know he made this mess and he had to be the one to fix this once and for all. If he couldn’t, he’s losing everything. His dear friend and his life. Not that he can’t rely in the other friends he had made, but there would always be that hole that Green once filled. The hole was a big one, so it wouldn’t be unnoticeable.]

[As Green finally looked up to him, his eyes widened just slightly. He noticed the sparkle in his eyes. Red was relieved. He was giving him a chance. Once Green moved out of the way and made his way to the couch, Red did the same and placed himself in a chair a bit of ways away from him. Pikachu jumped and sat himself at the arm of the chair, looking up to Red and giving him good luck.]

[Red nodded, giving the yellow mouse a few pats. He began to collect his thoughts, and soon he’ll begin talking.]

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However quaint Red’s composure and behavior fresh upon his arrival had seemed to Green just a few moments prior to their sitting, none of that small talk would compare to the weight and width of the words that came from him the next time his mouth was opened. 

He could tell that… Red meant serious business with this talk. 

Just that absolute realization alone left Green feeling just a little more hopeful… There was a growing shred of his conscience that was left holding on, which believed this exchange truly held the potential of mending any damages, and— with a bit of luck along with the right words from the both of them— a friendship would be restored by the time it was over.

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