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Song: Let It Go
Artist: The Neighbourhood

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Let It Go | The Neighbourhood

When they said what I wanted was a figment, I had to turn the other cheek,
but I was listening. Yeah, I was listening.
Song: Fighting Tao
Artist: Hurt
Album: Goodbye to the Machine (2006)
Plays: 44

Fighting Tao | Hurt

If I’d known it was the only time I would see your face, then we’d celebrate. When I’m alone, living is only time. Until I see your face. But, that’s not today.

Who loves Arcanines?! WE DO!! || Green & Kyouhei


[This place was far from home, and completely different from what he’s used too, but this didn’t cease the boys excitement. He finally raised up enough money to travel to another region. Sticking to the neighboring regions, but the look and feel was completely different as if he just stepped into a new world. Which region did he pick? The region that started them all, Kanto.]


[There were familiar Pokemon, and some that he’s never even seen in their habitat. He hasn’t caught anything yet, but just mostly to observe and update his Pokedex with more detailed information. The place had a very country like feel, the cities kept updated with the times, but it was nothing compared to Unova’s cities. The one thing he liked the most though, there were just huuuge wide open areas. Lots of space to train and run around, the routes back in Unova weren’t this wide. Guess thats what you sacrifice when you’re trying to build all these big cities. He’ll always be a city boy, but he is enjoying every minute in this region.]

[During his travels, he has Arcanine trotting about beside him everywhere he went. He’s trying to figure his way to each location of the region before he starts hitting up the gyms. Which he is extremely excited about. He knows each and every gym leader here and knows just as much information he was able to retrieve about them. He’s even battled a few through the Pokemon World Tournament, but its always a different feel when you battle them in their home region.]

[Also two of his favorite champions have homes in this region. They were the originals and even if one didn’t get much recognition because of the other, he still admires them equally. He knows their whole back story and what is going on recently from what he’s heard on the news. He’s such a huge nut, but he hopes to be able to run across at least one of them during his visit!]

[Looking at his map, he seemed to have wondered himself onto Route 13. The layout was extremely interesting. There were fences built up like a some kind of maze, even the challenge of battling trainers in certain spots.]

Uwwaaa…. How about we run this Arcanine? How does that sound?


[He looked to his loyal companion and excitedly she bounced on her feet. Followed by a few barks and a very fast tail wag.]

Atta girl! This will be a cinch!

[They’ll get through the run pretty quickly, his party being a lot stronger than those who challenged him so it was easy peasy. He stopped at the end to take a breath, Arcanine still bouncing and pushing up against her trainer to lick his face as he’s trying to cool down.]

H-hey! That tickles!!

[He’ll gently push her face back, to stop the licking, but he’ll return her affections with nuzzles, shifting his fingers into her waves of fur. He really loved his girl, not meeting til Virbank City, but still a long lasting companion he’ll never want to be without. She was great for battles, even worked fantastically in front of a camera. She was a good pillow to lay on during times he didn’t have a place to stay, plus someone he could always rely on when he needs the comfort. She was the best friend he could ever ask for.]


For someone who hated the summer heat, Green sure found himself within it often.

The blame for that unexpected twist could fall upon his Pokémon, though. While it was his own choice to take them out into the world to enjoy themselves, the leader always seemed to put their happiness far above their own, joining them in any activities that would make their hearts content. Whether it be going for a swim with Golduck, allowing Pigeot to stretch his wings, or taking Arcanine out for exercise, Green always wished to keep his team as happy and healthy as possible, wanting to be the best trainer to them as he possibly could. 

The target of his attention had been Arcanine, who loved more than anything to simply run across the region, putting his amazing speed and grace to use by nimbly traveling any path and scaling any obstetrical that could lay out in front of him, whether it be dense forest littered with trees to weave or up steep, mountainous terrain. 

Green had chosen a much longer path than their normal runs, but it was one that would be great for Arcanine after being cooped up for so long: Route 13, a path made into a maze by fences as far as the eye could see. Actually, the journey to the area was perhaps the most tiring thing about it. The two had to travel all the way to Vermilion City, across the grassy field of Route 11, and down the waterway of the “Silence Bridge,” disturbing countless focused fisherman and probably even scaring away their catches. Then again, Arcanine was so swift that they probably couldn’t even tell what had just ran by. The wind that came off of the enormous dog was the most noticeable thing for any pedestrians on standby. A few hats were probably lost along the way, but it was nothing that could be helped.

After stepping off the boardwalk Route 12 was famous for, you would be landed right onto the grass of Route 11. But, the final turn off of the bridge was a sharp and blind one, and skirting it at such a high velocity with no knowledge of what person of Pokémon could be around the bend was a danger in itself. The two always had to be prepared for unforeseen obstacles, which appeared more often than you’d think.

That was exactly what had happened when they rounded that corner. Green couldn’t tell exactly what it was; the scenery around him was a real blur at such as speed. All he could see was a blob of orange and blue. Luckily, Arcanine much keener senses had allowed him to see it as well, and clearly enough to be able to clear it.

With one fair leap, Arcanine leapt over the unknown figure and landed in the grass behind it. Reaching their destination, the Fire-type slid across the ground into a halt. At last, they were no longer at motion and Arcanine could stand still and catch his breath, panting and tongue lolling out of his mouth, all the while his bushy tail swinging happily.

With his stead at rest, Green could finally get a good look of his surroundings; and, whatever it was they had jumped over. Turning his head to look behind him, the leader did just that.


Upon doing so, the man discovered the orange he’d saw had came from the fur of another arcanine, which lay on the group behind them. At first, the stray Pokemon was all that Green had seen, but upon a closer look discovered a fluffy-haired boy clad in mostly blue kneeling beside the canine, which he could only guess was its trainer. The man simply looked down upon them for a moment silently, observing the boy who to him had an appearance that was out of place for his old fashioned sort of region. After a moment of this, he finally decided to speak. 


"Ah," he started somewhat blankly, deciding to say a simple phrase of apology in case he’d startled the stranger. Something dashing around the corner of the path at a ludicrous speed— not to mention being leapt over by the said on-comer— isn’t exactly what most people would consider a common occurrence. But, Green’s methods were anything but typical. "My bad."

Song: Migraine
Artist: Twenty One Pilots

Plays: 124

Migraine | Twenty One Pilots

I am not as fine as I seem! Pardon me for yelling, I’m telling you green gardens are not what’s growing in my psyche— it’s a different me.

Good As Golduck || [Green & Misty]


Despite the man’s self centered response, his enthusiasm was so off the charts that it was practically contagious, and it soon reached Misty. The lingering hint of hesitation was washed away by the smile that slowly curled from her lips. Sure, Green had been a major pain in the neck to the girl over the years, but this generous feat of his was a true win for the girl. If things turned out as well as the jubilated male was hoping, she’d be really grateful in the end.


"Alright then, let’s get to it!"

And with one simple command, Golduck was following his trainer’s orders. The girl’s sea green eyes followed the Golduck as it approached the water that almost matched her irises perfectly. Perhaps in that moment, they were even green with envy.

If she had given Psyduck an order like that, he’d still be standing there, staring at her for another ten minutes. Golduck seemed to be both fond and respectful towards Green. It’s not like Misty didn’t have that ‘work hard, play hard’ relationship with her other Pokemon, but it was only Psyduck she had issues with, and that’s why it was a problem. She always had to treat him differently than her other Pokemon, but Green was known for having such a strong team all-around.

Misty couldn’t help but feel jealous.


In the midst of her admiration, she watched the cool guy feel the heat of the sand, face first. Of course, Misty found this hysterical. Seeing Green mess up was always a fulfilling thing to witness first hand, especially because she knew how many people viewed him as an invincible being.

It also couldn’t have happened at a better time, because she was beginning to view him as such, as well. The reminder that Green actually is human after all gave her the mindset that he wasn’t anymore capable of having a strong team as she was. His Golduck was a Psyduck at one point, as well, afterall.


"Trip on your own two feet, did ya?"

What else could it have been? The shore was a fairly flat and untouched. It was until she really checked the surface that she spotted the little black mound that stood out in comparison to the light tan sand.


"They aren’t usually black, are they? Maybe it’s a Mega Diglett, or somethin’."

That certainly made no sense, but neither did what she was looking at. She leaned in towards the charred little thing, a little surprised to see it wasn’t looking back at her. She waved in front of it’s eyes, and again, no sort of response.

"I think it’s blind. Maybe it’s had a little too much fun in the sun."

There was a good chance that it was just stupid, however. Psyduck typically gave Misty the same sort of response this Diglett was giving her.

"So what you’re tellin’ me is this diglet has a better tan than me?" With that retort, he clicked his tongue and rose to his feet, taking a moment to scrape off any sand that remained stuck to his body. He then stood with his hands resting on his hips, shifting a static glance between Misty and the strange Pokémon.



Actually, it was very believable; Green was just bitter that he didn’t tan well.

Misty theory was also surprisingly probable. Diglet was a Ground-type which was typically found in caves, tunnels, or just underground in general, so their bodies aren’t used to or build for large amounts of sunlight. Their eyesight is poor to begin with from living in the dark and so the sun’s rays would most likely be especially damaging on their vision. This guy must have just strayed too far from the cave and became unable to find his way back, especially after becoming blind.

"Well, seems like this thing and your psyduck share a drawback, then! Their both handicapped in some way, so hey, maybe they’d make pretty good training buddies, yeah?"

The only bump in that theory was getting this diglet to join fores with him, seeing as how he really didn’t want to catch it. Green believed that he’d came up with a pretty good way to convince it, though.

"Hey, buddy!" The leader said to the diglet in an outward yet gentle tone, kneeling down beside it. "I understand you can’t see well, right? That must be rough; I feel for you. So, what if I told you I knew a way of fixing that…?"

Green had been afraid that his voice might have scared the thing off, but it had stayed around after hearing he and Misty exchange words about it, so he’d decided to take a shot. 

It remained still for most of his address, but after Green finished his last sentence, the diglet slowly turned to face him, seeming to slowly bob in the earth, almost as if it were eager or anxious in some way. He then knew it was definitely listening to what he had to say.

"Well, you see…" he started, "We have a friend over here who can’t think all that great, and I think you two could get along pretty well. See, we were gonna fix his problem by evolving him into a smarter Pokémon by doing some battling. You know, if you evolved, you’d grow two new heads with two brand new pairs of eyes. How’s that sound to ya?”

After that, the diglet was truly intrested: it begin bobbing up and down at an increased rate and crying out excitedly. It then moved closer to Green until bumping into his leg, where it remaining making a quaint cooing sound.


"Awesome," the brunet smiled, petting the thing for a moment. He then raised up to face Misty, a grin upon his face.

"Looks like I made a friend!" He exclaimed with a chuckle. "So, waddya say? You game?"

Song: If I Ever Feel Better
Artist: Phoenix
Album: United (2003)
Plays: 120

If I Ever Feel Better | Phoenix

I feel the chaos around me— a thing I don’t try to deny. I better learn to accept that there are things in my life I can’t control.
Anonymous: weather

[ Headcanon. ] 

● Green prefers cold weather. It allows him to wear a lot of layers until comfortable. Winter is his favorite season for that reason alone. And, who doesn’t love flinging some snow at people? Snowy-shenanigans are his favorite kind! He hates heat, but his Pokémon love it, and so he finds himself outside in the warmer weather more often than he’d prefer. The only time he’s ventures outdoors for his own enjoyment during the summer is in the morning hours when the dew and lack of the sun’s rays make for a wonderful temperature. He likes to jog or simply sit outside with a book or a paper in these conditions. The same goes for storms, though he won’t be found running in it. He finds the sound and atmosphere or rain more calming that any other.

It's Theory Thursday!

Send me a word or phrase and I’ll write a headcanon about it!

Song: Living In Another World
Artist: Neon Trees
Album: Pop Psychology (2014)
Plays: 49

Living In Another World | Neon Trees

There are nights I feel like I could die; four chords and a beat keep me alive. You can barely recognize everything beyond my eyes. I’ve been going through it my whole life.

From Races to Ruins || [ Green & Lyra ]

“Man, you’re never gonna want to leave, huh?”

The complete disregard of his question from Arcanine gave Green a very simple and well-expected answer. It wasn’t as if the canine was ignoring him on purpose; he was an extremely loyal and obedient Pokémon. It was just that his current situation left him a bit… unable to concentrate.

It was impossible for the Fire-type to focus on his trainer when surrounded by a swarm of the teeny Bug-types that were found within Johto’s National Park, which is where the two of them sat on this pleasant summer day. Instead of responding in any way to the man, Arcanine proceeded to cautiously inch his nose closer to a caterpie that had decided to stand right in front of his lowered head. Several other caterpie and weedle could be found inching across various areas of his body or flanking him from the side, either curious or oblivious to the danger that any normal arcanine could hold. All the while, Arcanine made an array of very pleased noises that made him sound more like a feline than a dog of any sort. 


“Thought so,” Green chuckled, shaking his head with amusement. “Not with all these things around, anyways.”

Green joined his friend, laying comfortably on his side in the tall grass of the park ground not far from the cooing canine. He laid with his head propped up on one of his hands, keeping his eyes on his friend as he interacted with the wildlife. Green’s Eevee was perched upon his shoulders, up and off the ground, safe from the foreign creatures below. Being an incredibly shy Pokemon, she was much more comfortable with him then with Arcanine’s new friends.

As Green continued to spectate Arcanine’s merriment, he suddenly felt the sensation of some crawling up his arm. It didn’t take too many tries to guess what that could have been.

“Kinda wish they’d stick to you and off’a me, though…” he added somewhat grumpily as raised up off his elbow and sat himself up. He looked to his extended arm to reveal a particularly adventurous weedle which only continued to creep towards his shoulder.

Ruffled by Green’s sudden change of position, Eevee looked around to see what the cause of it had been. She looked to her trainer to see where his gaze laid and then soon followed it to spot the insect for herself. Natually, the timid vee was immediately startled. She exclaimed a squeak of surprise and then pressed herself securely against his neck, using what of his hair she could to conceal herself. Green laughed quickly through his nose, smiling softly at his Pokemon.

“I know they’re pesky, but they won’t hurt you. Here…”

Green then quickly removes the weedle from his arm and places it towards Arcanine. Next, he reaches behind his head and gently picks up Eevee to lift her to the front of his body. He leans forward, stretching his arms until she’s hovering just above the Fire-type’s back. Green softly plops her down there. A few caterpie sat not too far from her. Curious, the bugs begin inching towards her. Eevee remained still for a little while, nervously watching as they crept closer, but all composure was lost when a weedle caught her from behind, sneaking up and nudging into her tail. After that, Eevee jumped with a squeak and came running right back into Green’s arms with alarming speed. Chuckling, Green takes Eevee back, cradling her close his chest as he rubs her head.

Green continues his petting session with Eevee for a long while, but at some point he notices Arcanine suddenly raise his head up out of the corner of his eye. The brunet then turns his full attention on the Fire-type to see that he has left the attention of the caterpie to raise his body up and stare off into the distance. His ears are pointed straight to the sky, as well. This tells Green that some far-off sound has caught the dog’s attention…

“Hey, Arcanine, what’s up?” he calls, curious. Whatever it was distracting him, it had to be something big in order to draw him away from caring for the caterpies—that was for sure.